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"Patrick is amazing to work with. His level of commitment to his clients is rare and refreshing. On top of completing our projects, he keeps in contact, looks after our website, and sends our team recommendations. We should all have a Patrick in our lives."

We amplified revenue for LEUS' direct-to-consumer (DTC) channel by 63% Y-o-Y. 68% of total online sales in Q4 were attributed to our paid social and PPC strategy.

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LEUS is placing sustainability and quality at the forefront

To effectively communicate these core values, we have meticulously crafted three distinct product feature pages that cater to various adventure categories: Beach, Fitness, and Golf.

These dedicated pages serve as captivating showcases, employing visual cues to accentuate the numerous benefits offered by our products. Through carefully curated images and graphics, we strive to create an immersive experience that not only captivates customers but also educates them about each product's distinctive narrative, advantages, and practical usage instructions.

By presenting quick and easily digestible information, we empower customers to make informed decisions while seamlessly connecting with the unique story behind each LEUS product. Through these thoughtfully designed adventure-specific pages, we aim to reinforce our commitment to sustainability and quality while fostering a deeper engagement between our brand and our valued customers.

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