Stranded is a digital creative agency that helps brands attract customers into orbit. We use the best principles in design, technology, and content to elicit emotion and inspire action. Using transparency and collaboration between client and agency, our philosophy is based on ideas, not hierarchy. We believe being stranded means forcing yourself to innovate and make the most of what is in front of you. We are Stranded.

Stranded offers a variety of digital creative services, from UX/UI, web design, ad creative, Shopify development, custom programming, Wordpress, mobile applications, and content creation. We enjoy working with emerging brands in fashion and footwear, beauty, health and wellness, food and beverage, technology, and entertainment.

"We can honestly say that having Stranded on our side was like having a business partner that’s 150% committed to your vision and most importantly, your success."

- Jimmy Silva, Jaunt Coffee Roasters

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Design, Shopify Development, E-Commerce - Stranded

A Shopify Partner Agency

As a Shopify Partner agency, Stranded has the knowledge and expertise scaling brands. We balance our strong design POV with storytelling and shopability. To meet the demands of a mobile-first world, we understand the importance of delivering a fast and intuitive shopping experience. We offer a variety of e-commerce services for Shopify customers, from front-end design, back-end development, product road mapping, retail strategy, third-party integrations, brand and product collateral, staff training, and conversion rate optimization.

Design, Shopify Development, E-Commerce - Stranded Media

Brand Storytelling

Stranded has years of experience helping brands tell their story through a variety of mediums, producing digital content backstage for New York Fashion Week, Madrid Fashion Week, dozens of fashion houses around the world, and global retail brands such as TRESemmé, Maybelline, NARS Cosmetics, L’Oréal Professional, Procter & Gamble, and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. We offer a variety of brand creative services from product imagery, ad campaigns, lifestyle videos, and stop motions videos, in-studio, or on-location.


Patrick Kritchever Stranded

Patrick Kritchever

CEO and Creative Director

As CEO and Creative Director for digital creative agency Stranded, Patrick helps conceptualize and implement interactive, digital, and integrated experiences for a global portfolio of brands in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and beverages. In addition, he provides creative direction and strategic guidance to a multidisciplinary team.

Patrick has helped produced digital content with fashion brands around the world and global retail beauty brands such as TRESemmé, Maybelline, NARS Cosmetics, L’Oréal Professional, Procter & Gamble, and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Prior to Stranded, Patrick served as Chief Marketing Officer for New York-based startup Hey Hey Gorgeous. During his tenure, they won the 2012 InStyle Magazine Best of the Web award.

Patrick has been being a guest speaker at Columbia University, University of Maryland, and LIM College of Fashion. A native of San Diego, Patrick has lived in New York and Madrid, and loves traveling, staying active, and considers himself an avid gamer.

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