Hair salon marketing

Why we want to help grow your hair salon business

The core of every successful salon business is growing your salon clientele, keeping your existing clients happy, and selling as many products as possible. We have spent years working with hair salons around the country. In that process, salon owners have expressed pain points.

Benefits of marketing for a hair salon

Our monthly salon marketing package includes

Increase Salon Clientele at Your Hair Salon - Stranded

Salon Marketing Roadmap

We’ll help you develop a roadmap that addresses short-term and long-term marketing objectives.

Salon Marketing For Salon Owners and Hair Salons - Stranded

Improve salon client loyalty

We’ll help you increase customer frequency by introducing incentives and loyalty programs.

Increase Product Sales at Your Hair Salon - Stranded Media

Identify new growth opportunities

Diversifying your salon revenue helps you grow in a sustainable way.

Salon social media marketing tips - Stranded

Amplify Your Social Media Strategy

We’ll help you design and executive a social media plan that will keep current and prospective salon clients engaged.

How to engage with salon clientele online - Stranded


We leverage data and marketing intelligence to improve your salon marketing strategy.

Salon Marketing Agency - Photo of salon - Stranded

You’ll gain an outside perspective

As your trusted salon marketing partner, you can count on us to bring new ideas, be objective, transparent and communicative.

Salon Marketing Strategy - Stranded

What they're saying

- Raphael Alvarez, Founder & Stylist, Cut Hairdressing

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