Client Testimonials

"Patrick is amazing to work with. His level of commitment to his clients is rare and refreshing. On top of completing our projects, he keeps in contact, looks after our website, and sends our team recommendations. We should all have a Patrick in our lives."

- Dorig Bouquet, CEO, LEUS California

"Many agencies have approached us over the years to improve our digital presence. Patrick clearly explained what our salon needed to captivate a broader audience. For us, having an agency who understands our business is key, and because of their years of experience with the beauty and salon industry, I knew Stranded was the perfect agency to take our salon to a world-class level."

- Raphael Alvarez, Founder, Cut Hairdressing

"Grateful! That’s how I feel about Stranded and everything they have done to help create our website. We wanted our website to be informative and also very much e-commerce driven, with a certain feel and design. We can honestly say that having Stranded on our side was like having a business partner that’s 150% committed to your vision and most importantly, your success. Stranded continues to work tirelessly to improve every detail and aspect of our website, drive customer sales, and produce content that keeps everyone engaged. This will definitely be a long term relationship."

- Jimmy Silva, Founder, Jaunt Coffee Roasters

"We are happy to say that working with Stranded team has put our minds at ease. Patrick and his team made sure that no stone is unturned. We are looking forward to working with Stranded as our company continues to grow."

- Harry Preston, Founder, Prestons' Ginger Beer

"Working with Stranded feels like you have an entire marketing and sales department. They address your needs in order for you to succeed. They listen and understand your business. We feel awesome to have found such amazing partners"

- Shahryar Khosraviani, Owner, Froglanders

"Patrick and his team are extremely hands on. Stranded has elleviated a lot of the pressure of being a business owner. Sales are growing and we couldnt be happier."

- Kanta Jina, Executive Chef, Sattvik Foods

"I am so thankful for Patrick and his team at Stranded. When I contacted them, I was looking for someone to build my website and had nothing more than a product and a name. Patrick helped me to create a brand and walked me through the process step by step. He took care of everything- interviewing graphic designers, comparing logos, finding a printing company for my labels, directing the photoshoot, editing my writing and much, much more. Patrick was always there to answer all my questions and I felt like he was genuinely interested in helping me succeed. If I didn’t find Patrick my company would still be just an idea. He has made it come to life and I am forever grateful to him. He not only built me a beautiful website, but is also helping me with social media and advertising, so my products will sell! Working with Stranded made me feel like I had a team behind me instead of trying to make my business happen all on my own. Thank you!"

- Laci Silva, Herbalist and Founder, Matriarch Herbs

"Working with Stranded has been a real pleasure. What can truly be a complicated project, Patrick made it easy for us. They worked on the design and development of our website from just a few abstract ideas we had, it was like he was reading our minds. The site turned out as one of the most styled looking pages for our line of business in Spain, and just to top things, Patrick has been following up with us, giving advice, and sharing best practices. I will be recommending Patrick and Stranded, as they exceeded every expectation and they continue to do so."

- Adrian Mendez, Co-Founder, Wines and Copas Barcelona