Small Business Strategy

As a small business owner with so many day-to-day responsibilities, it is difficult to see how your business looks from the outside. As your agency partner, we drive sales through strategic ad planning and positioning, increasing customer engagement, amplifying your social media, introducing new technologies, and optimizing existing sales channels. Think of us as your in-house marketing team.

Grow your customer base - Stranded

1. Grow Your Customer Base

We help you identify, target and attract a mix of local customers and tourists by combining strategic ad planning and positioning, with a mobile-first approach.

Increase customer loyaylty - Stranded

2. Increase customer loyalty

With an influx of new customers every month, the next objective is to improve the frequency of your existing customers. Retaining more of your customers results in compounding revenue.

Create or improve revenue streams - Stranded Media

3. Create or improve revenue streams

Diversifying your revenue streams spreads your risk and helps you grow in a sustainable way. We have helped small businesses realize new income through catering, e-commerce, merchandise, product subscriptions, and wholesale.

Increase Salon Clientele at Your Hair Salon - Stranded

4. Amplify Your Social Media Strategy

It is not enough to post a pretty picture. It needs to drive action. We will help you build and automate an effective social plan.

Increase Product Sales at Your Hair Salon - Stranded

5. Enhance customer relationships

Encouraging patrons to share their experience on social media and responding to customer reviews improves loyalty, enhances your reputation, and by extension your online rating.

Increase Product Sales at Your Hair Salon - Stranded Media

6. You’ll gain an outside perspective

As a trusted agency partner and confidant, you have an entire agency at your disposal - saving you time and money. You can count on us to be objective, transparent and communicative.


Jaunt Coffee Roasters San Diego

Jaunt Coffee Roasters

We helped Jaunt Coffee Roasters establish themselves as a dominant player in the competitive landscape of specialty coffee through aggressive hyper-local ad placement, brand creative, optimizing sales channels, and improving upon the customer experience.

Sales have grown substantially since our partnership began in April 2020. As of August 2021, year-to-date sales are up 141% compared to both 2020 and 2019.

"We can honestly say that having Stranded on our side was like having a business partner that’s 150% committed to your vision and most importantly, your success."

- Jimmy Silva, Owner

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Small Business Strategy - Stranded

Cut Hairdressing

"Many agencies have approached us over the years to improve our digital presence. Patrick clearly explained what our salon needed to captivate a broader audience. For us, having an agency who understands our business is key, and because of their years of experience with the beauty and salon industry, I knew Stranded was the perfect agency to take our salon to a world-class level."

- Raphael Alvarez, Founder & Stylist

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Froglanders Crepes & Yogurt

Froglanders Crepes & Yogurt

Froglanders is a family-owned crêperie serving San Diego authentic sweet and savory crepes, frozen yogurt, fresh smoothies, and boba. We assist with their entire marketing strategy and ad creative for both locations, and redesigned the website to help balance their product offerings, improve conversions, and strengthen their brand. In July 2021, we set a new sales record for their 11-year history.

"Working with Stranded feels like you have an entire marketing and sales department. They address your needs in order for you to succeed. They listen and understand your business. We feel awesome to have found such amazing partners."

- Shahryar Khosraviani, Owner

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Sattvik Foods Miramar

Sattvik Foods

Pre-pandemic, Sattvik Foods focused primarily on catering and corporate lunches. To help drive take-out business, we designed new ads and helped them identify a new addressable market of health-conscious, vegetarian-friendly customers within a 10-mile radius of the restaurant. We decreased their reliance on Door Dash and Uber Eats by encouraging orders directly on the website. Their average revenue per day has increased each month since we partnered with them in February 2021.

"Patrick and his team are extremely hands on. Stranded has elleviated a lot of the pressure of being a business owner. Sales are growing and we couldnt be happier."

- Kanta Jina, Executive Chef

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Small Business Strategy - Stranded

SPLIT Bakehouse

SPLIT Bakehouse is one of the premier plant-based bakeries in San Diego. With an extensive wholesale business, SPLIT opened their first brick-and-mortar location. Stranded came on board to help accelerate their direct-to-consumer business by implementing their ad strategy. Our conversion-based ads were responsible for 88% of their total sales online. Additionally, we consulted with their web developer to make changes that would improve conversion rates.

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